Lemon and a pear

I have officially reached the halfway point of my first travel nurse assignment! 7 weeks down, 6 to go. I can’t believe how fast this has gone by!

I have a long list of places I have yet to hit up. It’s crazy how you think you’ll have time to do everything, so you slack off, and then you end up feeling like you didn’t take full advantage of the time spent here.

I don’t really have anything really interesting to say, because it’s 5am, I obviously didn’t sleep as well as I should have before tonight’s shift and I’m slowly dying of exhaustion. Seriously, I just fell asleep on a bench in the locker room for just 5 minutes and I already feel super refreshed.

Although it’s still about a month and a half/two months away, I’ve already started the search for my next assignment. For my current one, I had an idea of where I wanted to go, but ultimately I wasn’t that picky — hence, ending up in Albuquerque. However, next up, I definitely want to be close to home. Not only because I miss Aaron and want to see him more often, but I want to be close for the holidays. I have submitted to 3 different hospitals, but all in the same hospital system… one on Friday, and two on Monday. I have another hospital to submit to that’s in my second-choice city, so I’m giving it a week to hear back from my top choice. I’m a little nervous, because for my current assignment I was submitted and then got a call later that same day for an “interview” — an interview which basically consisted of info about the unit and asking when I can start. However, this hospital I’m applying to works through a Vendor Management System, so that means my agency didn’t submit my profile to the unit/manager directly, it has another layer of shit to go through. I tried to think of a better word but it’s 5am and I’m tired.

I don’t think my second choice will be all that bad, I’d just rather give my first choice a fair shot. And it’s still a little far out to be looking for assignments, but on the other hand, if I wait too long thennnnn there might not be any availability AT ALL! Ah the joy of travel nursing. What a game it is. There’s also a third option that I probably won’t go after, just because the logistics of all the vacations I have coming up would be thrown out of whack. And also because it’s up north, and I just don’t think I’m mentally prepared enough to jump into a cold winter assignment I wasn’t anticipating!

So here’s hoping I hear from a hospital within the next couple of days, and then they like me enough to want me to come work for them.

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