Ah, progress

I should make my blog less about me and more about things like travel nursing in general probably, but I’ll get to that. I’ll start writing posts and store some in the vault so I don’t overwhelm y’all (all 3 of y’all) with a million hundred posts a day. Is this how the blogging thing works?!

But, that’s not what this post will be. Sorry to burst the bubble.

Since submitting to hospitals within the past two weeks, I’ve been even more attached to my phone then usual. I even answer when I don’t know the phone number — which made for an awkward moment when I had to turn down an IWHS (my alma mater) senior asking for money. Of course, I knew to expect a 512 area code, since I applied for hospitals in Austin, but you just never know when someone might flip the script and call from a personal number.

When I submitted for my current spot in Albuquerque, I literally heard back later that same day my recruiter submitted me. Then got an offer the next day. It moved SO quickly. I keep reminding myself that was a pretty unusually quick turn around, and to just give it a little more time and patience.

Well, the waiting game paid off today. A little. I came home and crashed (because my blatherings at 5am are not from a person who has had an adequate amount of sleep), but woke up around 10:30 to that highly anticipated, unknown 512 area code calling me. I flipped out, woke up, and walked over to my desk to write any notes. I’m so determined to go to Austin for this assignment, my hands were literally shaking as I reminded myself to just be charming (duh), funny (duh), convince them I know my shit (which, kinda duh, also kinda debateable). Poor Sunny, who was snoozin’ under the covers with me, woke up so confused about what was going on. Once I got off the phone she was jumping around like, now what mom? Why are we awake? Play time? What happened? Wait, back to bed? But? We just woke up?!?!

I don’t wanna jinx anything, so I’ll keep details under wraps. But I have a good feeling about the interview! The manager was even offering me some housing suggestions, which, why would you do that if you aren’t gonna have that person come to your hospital? She also gave me a phone number to call her at in case it’s been a few days and I haven’t heard anything yet, just because this hospital uses a Vendor Management System (ooooh, another post idea!) so things can get jumbled up and delayed sometimes. I texted my recruiter SUPER EXCITED, she called and we chatted, and she said she had a good feeling about it too!

Hopefully I hear back tomorrow or Monday, and then I can confirm where I’ll be spending the majority of my waking hours from November to February!

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