It’s been a hectic week

But a good one!

I got the job offer for Austin, so that’s where I’ll be from November until February 2017! I officially signed my contract today, and immediately upon doing so received a call from one of the other facilities in Austin I submitted for. It kinda sucked having to turn someone down, but I got literally my first choice of hospital, so I’m pretty happy. It’s honestly not my first choice for any particular reason other then it’s the closest one to where I’ll be staying. I got all my time off approved, and I’ll be home for the holidays and can see Aaron more often. I did have to take a pay cut, but it’ll be more than worth it for all the lifestyle improvements this contract can afford me.

I like being someplace new, but I miss Aaron! I think I’m going to try and alternate a destination/home contract with money contracts, so after Austin I’ll definitely be following the money as opposed to trying to land a specific location. After all, that assignment will be for spring, and what place ISN’T gorgeous during the springtime?

In other news, I officially am a graduate student. Classes started on Monday. I will, hopefully, if all goes right, and I can get my shit together and not procrastinate, graduate with a Masters of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, in 2019. This first course is theory, and overall pretty simple. Just some discussion board posts and an assignment every week. I just have to actually motivate myself to do everything! The assignment for this week isn’t even a real “paper”, like I was dreading writing — I simply have to put together an infographic/poster/powerpoint. Luckily one of my best friends is a graphic designer and showed me some great websites that have infographic templates ready to go. Just gotta do some research and plug it all in.

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