I have been slacking keeping up with this blog! It’s going to be part of my New Years Resolution to keep up with it more. My resolution is to try and post at least one photo a day on Instagram, and then do a weekly summary here on the blog of all the photos I’ve done throughout the week!

Since I last posted, I finished my contract in Albuquerque. My friends Angie and Jonny came to visit me for my last weekend! We spent one night out in Nob Hill, then adventured up to Tent Rocks for a gorgeous hike. Stopped in Santa Fe for a hot minute, then had my last dinner in Albuquerque at my favorite Indian restaurant — Taj Mahal.

I dropped them off at the airport on Sunday morning, packed everything I had in New Mexico into my Sentra, and was heading back home by 11am. I was pretty nervous to be going on this long drive all by myself (well, Sunny was with me, but she can’t exactly help me change a flat, call 911 if needed, or trade off driving responsibilities), but with a couple audiobooks, 10-11 hours flew by. It really wasn’t as awful a drive as I expected. I made it back to SA by 11pm, and that’s including the time jump forward into the Central time zone!

I took off two weeks at home before starting my next contract, and it was a whirlwind. I felt like immediately once I got home, I didn’t even have time to unpack before I was boarding a plane for Punta Cana with my girlfriends. I loved our girls’ trip to the Dominican, don’t get me wrong, but my time back home ended up being super hectic because I was gone 6 out of the 16 days I was home.

Ran into a few hiccups trying to get everything together, but I got started in Austin right on time! I was overwhelmed at first — they use Meditech here, which is an ancient DOS charting system on its own, and then in addition to shitty Meditech, they do PAPER CHARTING! I felt like I had taken a time machine back to the 80s! The hospital is also one of the older ones I’ve worked in. My home hospital built a new tower just over 2 years ago, and the hospital in Rio Rancho was relatively new as well. Needless to say, I was thrown off by the overwhelming hospital smell of my Austin home, as well as having toilets that swing out from under the sinks instead of its own bathroom within the patient room!

I’ve already been floated to the cardiac unit, but I love working cardiac ICU anyway so I didn’t mind. I did mind a bit that it was only my second shift on my own, I was still unfamiliar with Meditech and the charting requirement, I was running late because the Starbucks en route to work sucks, didn’t know I was going to float until I got there, and then immediately upon walking into a unit I have never stepped foot on before, I get told I’m getting an admit and ER is trying to call report. YIKES! But, you know what, I got through it! No use going into a situation like that with a negative mindset, it’s just going to set you up for failure.

So that’s where I’m at. My first couple weeks here in Austin honestly sucked, because somehow I ended up on a one-on-one-off night shift schedule for the first two weeks which made¬†both my body and my mind hate me. It’s so bad, not only did I send my recruiter a rant-y, sleep-deprived email, but I’m actually considering looking for a day shift position for my next contract. The horror!!

But now, I’m off for basically a whole entire week. After drinks with my recruiter Alexis last night, I’ll be heading to San Antonio until next Thursday to spend some time with Aaron. Oh yeah, and also run a 10k in the morning. So there’s that.

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