10 Thoughts after living in Albuquerque for 3 months

  1. What’s the deal with green chili? (/Seinfeld)
    I tried really, REALLY hard to like green chili. I felt like an imposter living in New Mexico and not liking green chili. But despite all my attempts, I always found it too spicy for me. Sorry, New Mexicans, I failed you.
  2. The desert is freaking DRY.
    Ok, yeah, like, no DUH. But it didn’t hit me how bad until I moved back to San Antonio and it felt like I was swimming in the air every time I walked outside. Aaron visited and drank more than a gallon of water every day and still felt constantly dehydrated.
  3. Having actual, in real life interaction with the Native American population is… sort of a shock.
    I mean, I’m not trying to be racist, but I really honestly don’t think I have met someone with Native American ancestry. They’re always portrayed very stereotypically on TV and in the movies. Working in the hospital, I got exposed to so many different but “typical” health problems of the Native population, explored their family dynamics, etc. I love their culture, and with everything going on with the North Dakota pipeline, I loved getting to know more about these people.
  4. El Paso has more of a New Mexico vibe than a Texas one.
    They don’t call El Paso the red-headed stepchild of Texas for nothing. I felt like El Paso was more similar to Albuquerque than any other Texas city. But I liked living in New Mexico, so that’s not to say that having a New Mexico vibe is a bad thing!
  5. You get so easily used to things like mountains and hot air balloons.
    When I first moved here, I took pictures of the 5-10 hot air balloons that were out every morning. By the time Angie and Jonny visited me on my last weekend here, they were the ones freaking out over the balloons, while I was like “oh, yeah, those things…” And the daily morning balloon crowd is nothing compared to how it was during the balloon fiesta.
  6. Hot air balloons are HUGE!
    When Aaron visited, we had the chance to go down to the Albuquerque Internatonal Balloon Fiesta. We went one night for their “special shapes glow-deo”, where they have all the balloons out on this massive field and inflate them all. You can walk down and around them, which I have never done before. Always seeing balloons in the sky far away, you don’t realize how massive they really are!
  7. Beer is delicious.
    Albuquerque has so many craft breweries. I think my favorite ended up being La Cumbre. I went to many, and still wasn’t able to get them all!
  8. New Mexican food is not delicious.
    Again, I tried, I really REALLY tried to enjoy New Mexican food, but apparently I’m a Tex-Mex girl through and through. Which is surprising, because Aaron’s grandma makes New Mexican food on Christmas and it’s delicious.
  9. It is really, really nice living somewhere with virtually no traffic.
    Like, SUPER nice. It only ever took 15-20 minutes to get somewhere. Now I live in Austin and it takes 20-30 minutes to get up the road. I die a slow death every day here.
  10. It’s totally worth “the drive” to go up to Santa Fe.
    I waited until my friend Allison was in Albuquerque on her own travel nurse contract before heading up to Santa Fe, and I really wish I had gone sooner. It’s even closer distance than Austin/San Antonio. And Santa Fe is such a cute, adorable little town. Plus, MEOW WOLF! Meow Wolf was just amazing, I wish I had gone back another time. One of these days.

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