16 Great/Sucky Things about 2016

Because everybody loves lists.

2016 was actually overall not a bad year for me. It was a year of changes, all for the best. It was much easier to come up with the first list than the second one. I had to scramble at the end of the second one for things that truly sucked for me in 2016, but I found some!

16 things I liked about 2016

  1. Quitting my job
  2. Realizing how stressful my job had become for me — and not being afraid to do something about it
  3. Moving in with Aaron (and just being in a great relationship with him in general)
  4. Going on a real VACATION with Aaron
  5. Getting my dog
  6. Starting my travel nurse journey, a new chapter of my career
  7. Living in Albuquerque
  8. Going to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
  9. Experiencing Meow Wolf
  10. Developing more outdoorsy/hiking hobbies
  11. My best friend’s daughter was born
  12. Another best friend got married
  13. Going on a girls-only trip to just get away from it all
  14. Taking a travel nurse contract closer to home, and just the ability to work wherever I want in general
  15. The coworkers here at my Austin job
  16. Getting to live with my best friend while I’m here in Austin (when I’m not going back to San Antonio to live with my boyfriend, hah)

16 things that actually sucked about 2016

  1. Granny died
  2. Getting into a huge fight with Aaron (at the beginning of the year, everybody calm down, everything’s perfectly great now)
  3. Living away from Aaron for weeks at a time
  4. Shitty managers
  5. Night shift catching up to my body after two years
  6. Realizing how shit I was getting paid at my home hospital as staff nurse (nearly doubled my income once I became a travel nurse)
  7. Getting burned out, almost out of bedside nursing entirely, after only two years on my home unit
  8. Having to leave my old coworkers 😦
  9. Getting bamboozled into spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary alcohol and cigars in the Dominican
  10. Having to take a pay cut to live closer to home
  11. Not getting to spend as much time with my dog as I want (stupid job)
  12. Family drama
  13. Grad school (grateful for it, but still a lot of work)
  14. Not having access to my hair guy and my nail girl while I’m out on work contracts
  15. Getting my first traffic ticket (speeding) since my DWI over three years ago
  16. Tim Duncan retired

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