#Maddie2017Challenge: Week 1

So for part of my New Years resolution, I wanted to actually use my blog, and this is how I’m going to do it! I will post a picture a day on Instagram, then every Monday I’ll post sort of a “re-cap” and summary of my week as told by Instagram.

Today’s the first Monday of the year, but it’s only day 2, so I only have two pictures to share! My life isn’t super exciting right now, I’m working 5 nights in a row due to the timing of my vacation. So it’s been work and sleep since last year (jokes).

I have not worked a New Year’s Eve before, so I made sure to bring in all the necessary SFW supplies needed. Everyone had on tiaras and we poured out some sparkling cider at midnight on the unit! I was working with some awesome coworkers, so it was actually a pretty fun night at work, as per usual. Immediately after midnight I had no desire to continue working, but luckily I only had one patient. I had hoped it would be smooth sailing, but alas, that’s not how things work on a NYE shift.

Starting off 2017 with these fabulous nurses!

I got a “crashing” patient a little before 0600, we started her on a medicine to help keep her blood pressure up, and intubated her. “Crashing” to me means, you better have the crash cart outside the room. This lady was sick and did need ICU care, but everyone was hyped up and frantic about her deteriorating condition, and in the end everything worked out.

The hardest part about working 5 nights in a row isn’t the exhaustion, it’s the look my dog Sunny gives me when I leave! She sits and pouts while I get dressed, and I feel hugely guilty for going to work. But I spend so much time with her when I’m not at work, so it balances itself out.

In case anyone is curious about why I’m late for work, it’s because of the puppy dog eyes this heartbreaker gives me 😩💔 #justwannastayhomewithmydog

Last night was more of the same, fairly simple night for me. However, right before leaving this morning, my patient decided to just not have a heartbeat for about 20 seconds… It was actually somewhat funny looking back on it. His monitor was hard to read for a particular reason, so sometimes I didn’t believe the values it was reading. Earlier in the night his heart rate dropped (he “bradyed down”) into the 30s (normal is 60-100) and came right back up. However, I noticed his respiratory rate (RR) dropping down from his usual 20-30s to 8, but just thought he was worn out/sleeping. I stepped out of the room and his heart rate was in the 40s. I came out to the remote monitoring station and he was alarming ASYSTOLE. It took me a while to register what was happening — like I said, sometimes I didn’t believe his leads — but then another nurse commented, “Is that patient SUPPOSED to die???” and I said NO HE IS NOT. By the time we got the crash cart in the room, everything had normalized again.

So I’m about to head back in and see how my patient did for today. Two more shifts, then I’m off for two weeks!

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