#Maddie2017Challenge: Week 5

Y’all, I’ll be real, keeping up a blog post a week has been kind of hard! It’s hard finding time to write through and post everything, being busy with work and school and life things in general. Previously on this blog I’ve been very sporadic at posting. It’s hard for me to get motivated to write at a scheduled time, I would post when the mood struck me. And while I’m not especially looking to monetize my blog or make it my living (because that shit is hard, and as much as I love traveling, I love nursing more than I love blogging), I still want to gain some followers and feel like what I post is WORTH IT, in a way.

So, I’m still going to stick to posting a picture a day on Instagram and posting it here on the blog. But I was doing a little reflection on what blogs I am inspired by (to name a few — Alex in WanderlandC’est ChristineHippie in Heels, The Blog Abroad, and, most recently, The Sweetest Way) and I’ve found myself drawn to these girls’ personalities. I love looking through their blogs and reading their opinions, seeing their reflections on their journeys (both travel and personal), learning about how they spent their time in a new country. I feel I need to tweak my content a bit here, and instead of giving you a play-by-play of my week in review (because, honestly, who wants to read that? No one, not even me), I think I’ll try and use the images I’ve posted as guidelines to just one sort of broader topic to touch on. Or something. I don’t know.

Guess you’ll have to come back next Monday to see what I figured out for myself!!

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