#Maddie2017Challenge: Week 10

Happy Monday! This post is a bit late coming up.

I leave for my next contract in Baltimore on Wednesday, in just two days!! I’m staying with my friend Tori and her husband Austin in Plano one night (5 hours away), then I’ll be in Nashville (a 10 hour drive) — if anyone wants to hang out, hit a girl up! I’ll finally be getting to Baltimore on Saturday (another 10 hour drive from Nashville). It’s going to be a long trip, that’s for sure… But I drove 10-11 hours in one day, by myself, on my way back to San Antonio from Albuquerque. With a good audiobook, it wasn’t bad at all! I’m actually not as nervous this time, because heading east is more populated than driving through the middle of New Mexico and West Texas, where cell service is spotty at best in some parts.

So this week has been SUPER busy with appointments all over the place. Car servicing, Airrosti appointments, getting vet stuff settled in for Sunny, dentist appointment, hair and nail appointments… oh, and doing laundry, getting everything organized in the apartment, and then actually packing everything up. It’s kind of complicated to pack this time, because I still need an easily accessible “overnight” bag for when I’m in Plano and Nashville. I can’t just stuff everything in my trunk and unpack it all at once. Gonna be fun playing some trunk Tetris.

Other than that, Aaron was on night shift last week so it was basically just me and Sunny holding down the fort. It didn’t help that I had read an article about a suspected serial rapist in our area of town right before going to sleep… all alone in my house. So I slept like shit all last week. But it was kinda nice he was gone, because I was able to actually stay in and focus on studying for my pathophysiology course.

So, over the weekend when he was off, I started slacking. I really need to pick up the motivation for school again, but it’s just so hard! Since I’m going to be on dayshift now, I’m trying to stay on a semi-regular sleeping schedule. Bed by 10pm, waking up no later than 9am. I know I need to stay up late to accomplish school stuff but at the same time… I really want to stick to my schedule. I guess I’m just not in that late nighter, student mindset anymore… which is disappointing because I was SO looking forward to no nightshift and a regular sleeping schedule!!

Speaking of getting motivated again… I really gotta work on this case study and get some more studying done, since I’ll be on the road most of this week with no time to sit down and focus/study. But, good news — this time next week I’ll be posting from Baltimore! Get hype.

Oh! And my featured picture — last week, Aaron and I took some photos with my sister’s family photographer. I thought it’d be nice for us to get dressed up and have non-iPhone pictures, and they came out SO nice! Lots of people are thinking they’re engagement pics (and I understand why) buuuut that’s not in the cards for us just yet 😉

Don’t mind me, just obsessing over our photos from @oyerphotography ✨

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