10 Thoughts after living in Baltimore for 6 Months

  1. Crab cakes and football… that’s what Maryland’s about.
    I was only there for a brief moment in football season, but holy crap. I thought Baltimoreans went crazy for the Orioles, but the Ravens are actually GOOD and the city goes insane for them.As for the crab cakes, well… if you go to Maryland without eating crab, you took a wrong turn somewhere.

    Somehow, the only pic I got from the Ravens tailgate Katie and I went to
  2. Don’t always believe the media hype.
    I was pretty nervous to be moving to Baltimore. I mean, everyone’s at least heard of The Wire by now, right? I will admit, the area I lived in at first was not the greatest. I hated going out at night around my home. But it still wasn’t AS scary as everyone had made it out to be. Yes, there is violence, but if you stick to the good areas and have some common sense, you’ll be fine. I’m proud to say I made it six months in Baltimore and my car never got broken into!

    Stolen from Snapchat when my best friends came to visit
  3. I love living in the city and never having to use a car.
    This was my first true taste of city living. Life on the East Coast is so compact — especially in the cities. When compared to the wide open spaces and car culture I’m used to in the west, Baltimore was an entirely different way of living than I was used to.But, I absolutely LOVED it. I would go weeks without using my car. Half the time when you have to figure in paying for parking, it’s almost a wash to just go and get an Uber someplace. I loved taking my dog out for a walk, spontaneously deciding to go to the dog park and not having to load up the car, and even having time to stop at an ice cream place on my way back. Taking a nice walk back from yoga is better for me than having to drive away from the studio and dealing with all the stress of commuting. Everything is so close together, it’s all so easily accessible.

    Cap’n Crunch soft serve ice cream from BMORE LICKS by Patterson Park
  4. You get real used to walking and city driving, and 20 minutes turns into a long drive kinda quickly.
    I forgot that I was USED to driving 10-20 minutes somewhere. Then I got used to just walking 10-20 minutes. Everything is so close together, the “long drives” were truly nothing compared to some of the drives in Texas! I got comfortable with my “city living” and hardly ever left my little Canton bubble.

    Rowhomes in Canton
  5. It’s hard getting used to the abundance of toll roads when you DO use your car.
    I literally had almost no idea how toll roads even worked before I lived out East. Some of my friends from Jersey looked at my like I grew a third head when I asked how to drive on toll roads. Even just driving out to the suburbs would sometimes but me on a toll road – and I never carry cash, so that was obnoxious.The worst was when I was driving to Delaware and pulled off the side of the road to get to a gas station… only to come back on the highway and be greeted with a brand new toll station. I literally pulled off for just 5 minutes and had to pay a new toll… plus the fees because I didn’t have the EZ Pass.

    Lewes Beach at dusk in Delaware
  6. Although not as well known for it, lobster in Maryland is just as good.
    I went to Thames Street Oyster House multiple times. The oysters were always on POINT. But the lobster roll? Was another level.

    Buttery goodness lobster roll
  7. Marylanders will put crab into anything and everything.
    I had crab and corn quesadillas. Which was an odd combination, but surprisingly good? My first few months in Maryland I attempted to put crab on everything I ordered. I think I overdid it (gasp), but I came crawling back soon enough.Another Maryland favorite? Old Bay. Old Bay around the rim of bloody Marys, Old Bay rimming your shots, Old Bay on your shrimp, Old Bay on your crabs, Old Bay in your soup, OLD BAY EVERYWHERE.

    Crab cake sandwich from Bo Brooks along the Canton waterfront
  8. Baltimore is a city with a lot of problems, but that doesn’t mean it’s also not a great city.
    I touched on it before, but it bears repeating. I enjoyed my time in Baltimore overall. I didn’t ignore the fact that there were muggings happening on streets where the neighborhood goes from good to bad, or that my coworker’s car got broken into, or that someone got shot point-blank in the forehead in front of a damn Starbucks. I didn’t live there long enough to get into the upper-level problems at a government level, although I did talk to my AirBnb hosts about it a bit.But the people? Man, the people love their city. They’re part of what makes Baltimore so vibrant.
  9. I dig the East Coast vibes.
    I loved hopping on the train and getting to Philadelphia. Being only a one-hour plane ride from Rhode Island. An hour metro ride down to D.C. Everything is so CLOSE! I was able to explore so much during my time there. It was an entirely different environment than I had experienced before, and I was sad to leave it.

    Just hopped on the train down to D.C. for the day with Aaron
  10. Considering I was nervous, and borderline scared to move out there, I’m actually missing Baltimore real hard lately.
My last day in Baltimore back in September


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