Year in Review: 2017

My only “big” New Year’s Resolution for last year was to post a pic every day on Instagram, and write a blog post once a week. I stopped blogging consistently back in March, but surprisingly, I was able to keep up with Instagram. I hoped feeling the need to post a picture every day would help motivate me to go out and experience and do more things, and it did! It helped that I took two bucket list trips this year, which provided me with a TON of new photos to post.

I did a story on Instagram (follow me here!) with some of my 2017 highlights, and I decided to post it here! Enjoy!

2017 Best Nine on Instagram

started with a bucket list trip to Iceland

stopped in Nashville on my way to a new travel job at Johns Hopkins

had my best friends come visit me in my new city

Rhode Island

Washington, DC

fell in love with Philadelphia

solo road trip to Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware

another new state (Alabama) on my way back to Texas

back to New Mexico...

for my sister's wedding

ANOTHER bucket list trip to freakin' EGYPT

San Antonio, Texas

Alina visited Texas

ski trip to Colorado

Another year/Christmas with Aaron

Ready for 2018

To recap:

šŸ‡®šŸ‡ø January:
– I went to Iceland and traveled around the country in a campervan with my best friend.

šŸ  February:
– I finished up my second travel contract in Austin, and had some adventures around San Antonio before leaving.

šŸ„ March:
– I took my first solo cross-country road trip on my way to my new travel contract in Baltimore, Maryland.
– Stopped in Plano to visit Tori.
– Spent a day in Nashville.
– Started at Johns Hopkins, a job I still sorely miss.

šŸ™ April:
– Janee and Sarah came to visit me, and we spent time in both Baltimore and Washington, DC.
– I took a birthday trip to Rhode Island, and visited Danielle.
– I signed an extension to stay at Johns Hopkins an additional three months, the first extension I’ve signed as a travel nurse.
– Aaron came to visit, and we went to an Orioles game, Fort McHenry, and took the train down to DC for a day.

šŸŽ“ May:
– I came back to San Antonio for my sister’s college graduation.
– I took a trip to Philadelphia, a city I’m dying to go back to, with Will.

šŸ›« June:
– I spent half this month in Baltimore, going to Orioles games and state parks with Nicole Schrier, and half back in San Antonio, celebrating Aaron’s birthday and his end of third year of residency.
– I threw my sister a bridal shower at Paesanos 1604.

šŸŒ» July:
– I moved within Baltimore, from Mount Vernon to Canton, and started enjoying my time there a LOT more.
– I began taking yoga classes at M.Power Yoga Studio, which I fell in love with, and am still searching for a comparable studio here in San Antonio.
– I ate and drank a lot around Canton with Alina.
– Aaron came up for a quick weekend visit again, and I showed him some parts of Baltimore we didn’t make it to on his first trip here.
– Alina and I went to a sunflower field and took a ton of photos.

šŸŗ August:
– I took a solo road trip with Sunny out to Delaware, and checked out the beaches and Dogfish Head Brewery, my favorite that I’ve been to.
– I actually kept up with my yoga practice!

šŸš˜ September:
– I took another trip back to San Antonio to celebrate Gabby’s bachelorette party on Son’s Island.
– I finished my contract at Hopkins, and spent my last weekend in Baltimore doing rooftop yoga, eating all the crabs I could get my hands on, and going to a Ravens tailgate.
– I road tripped back to Texas, hitting up some new states on my quest to go to all 50.
– Stopped and stayed with my cousin Lesley for a night, and met her youngest daughter!
– Sunny and I had a nice, relaxing beach day in Alabama.
– Aaron and I attended our first wedding of the year — Leah and Chris!

šŸ’› October:
– Went up to Austin for our second wedding — Aaron’s dad, Brian, and Jocelyn!
– Stayed and hung out with Janee while we were up there.
– I went on ANOTHER road trip — this time with Aaron! — up to Santa Fe.
– Spent an entire day at a Japanese-style spa, Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Spa & Resort, which was magical, and took Aaron to one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to, Meow Wolf.
– Drove down to Ruidoso for my sister and Francisco’s wedding!
– Almost immediately turned around and went on an amazing life-changing trip to EGYPT.
– Rode a camel in front of the only still-existing World Wonder, the Great Pyramids of Giza.
– It was my first Contiki trip, and my first time to Africa/the Middle East.
– Met a TON of amazing friends through this trip.
(WHEW October was freaking busy!)

šŸ˜” November:
– Honestly, I spent November in kind of a rut/mild depression. I wasn’t able to work as quickly as I had planned, and being broke and in credit card debt is not a good look on me.
– Aaron and I went to Wurstfest together for the third year in a row.
– Finally got to start my new job back in San Antonio as a PRN/agency nurse.

ā„ļø December:
– Alina came to visit Texas. I reluctantly took her to the Alamo, downtown, a Spurs game where we snuck into the fourth row, we got too hungover to go to wineries out in the Hill Country like planned, and we spent a day in Austin.
– I got a new tattoo. Unplanned, but free, and I still love it!
– It snowed in San Antonio, which literally never happens.
– Went to Colorado with Aaron and his brother on a ski/snowboard trip!
– Spent yet another Christmas split between San Antonio and Austin with Aaron.

I’ve got a lot lined up for 2018 already — the Philippines, Vegas, expecting my nephew in April, maybe a new travel contract in Seattle in the spring, a friend’s wedding in Colorado, vacation to Vancouver with Aaron, Munich for Oktoberfest, and another friend’s wedding in December! I can’t wait!

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