New Year’s Resolutions 2018

New Year’s Eve is honestly one of my favorite holidays. There’s just something about starting fresh and having a clean slate — plus staying up all night, which I do all the time anyway. My resolutions in the past have always been sort of concrete, like, get all As in school, run a half marathon, do a better strength work out. Last year, my goals were to post one photo a day on Instagram (which I accomplished!), and write a blog post at least once a week (which I didn’t really do after March or so).

My main two resolutions for this year are:


  1. Record a video every day using the 1 Second Everyday app — so kind of a twist on my posting one photo a day resolution from last year. I’m big on taking pictures, but don’t really film videos too often. There’s a post on Reddit from a woman who is trying to make the best of her husband’s last year (due to cancer being a bitch), and people recommended videos over photos because they show a more real glimpse of life than still pictures. So I want to work on recording more memories.
  2. Start calligraphy. I really want/need to develop a hobby. I do enjoy yoga as a physical hobby/activity, but I need something to be a relaxing creative outlet. When I was younger, I always doodled words and titles around my notes, never pictures. I took a calligraphy class one summer at the Southwest School of Art. I once wrote out a cover page for a binder that a coworker thought was a font on the computer! I think I’ll really enjoy taking time to myself to unwind with calligraphy, and I definitely want to develop this hobby more throughout the year.

I found a template on Pinterest for some other resolutions that I liked, so here they are:

A bad habit I’m going to break | being messy as shit, and being unnecessarily sarcastic (especially to Aaron)

A new skill I’d like to learn | calligraphy

A person I hope to be more like | myself

A good deed I’m going to do | volunteer, or even foster, a shelter dog

A place I’d like to visit | Philippines, Vancouver, Germany, Austria (this feels like cheating because I already have all these trips confirmed!)

A book I’d like to read | does it count to re-read Harry Potter?

A letter I’m going to write | people I don’t write letters, but I’m going to write some amazingly thoughtful cards to my two friends getting married this year, as well as my sister when she has her son

A new food I’d like to try | not a new food (I eat almost everything anyway), but I’d like to try going vegetarian for at least a month

I’m going to do better at | blogging more frequently. I’m going to again try to blog once a week, and hopefully I stick with it for longer this year!

I also want to earn some money from this blog. Anything. Even if it’s just $1.

As for travel goals, for two years straight I’ve gone on two international trips a year. 2016 took me to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, while in 2017, I found myself in Iceland and Egypt. For 2018, first up is the Philippines, then to Canada with Aaron, and then Germany for Oktoberfest!

Cheers to a new year! May 2018 be even better than 2017.

xoxo, Maddie

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions 2018

  1. Here’s my list:

    A bad habit I’m going to break | i actually have a lot of habits I want to break…but I think the major ones are messiness around the house and being very reactive without thinking about what I’m saying or what my tone is.

    A new skill I’d like to learn | better cooking skillz

    A person I hope to be more like | I’m stealing your answer – myself

    A good deed I’m going to do | get involved with nursing homes again

    A place I’d like to visit | Seattle, Sedona, or Orlando

    A book I’d like to read | Better than Before – I actually do want to do some self help reading this year

    A letter I’m going to write | a “retirement” letter

    A new food I’d like to try | Açaí bowl

    I’m going to do better at | hopefullt, everything. Finances, for starters. Living more simply and relaxed. Not letting stress and anxiety get the best of me. Standing up for myself and knowing my worth.

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