in review: January 2018

So January overall did not set an ideal tone for 2018. I was working overtime (which I almost NEVER do) in order to pay off my credit card debt and build my savings back up. I was sick with what was probably the flu. I didn’t want to spend any money (see: trying to save money by working a shit-ton of overtime), so I hardly ever went out.

But I still had, overall, a good month. I started working on a great unit, where I actually got to take care of sick patients and work with an amazing staff. I went to the San Antonio Cocktail Conference for the first time with my best friend Janee, where we got drunk off whiskey and gin. Oh, and Janee came to live with me for a month which was also a lot of fun.

And as for sticking with my resolutions? I accomplished my goal of recording a video every day, and the January montage is below! My other main goal, improve calligraphy, is still going in full force. I attended a brush lettering workshop with Mint and Maple, which gave me a new appreciation for watercolor. And I’ve also been bullet journaling! This is the first time I’ve actually owned and USED a planner since high school, so I’m glad I found a system that works for me. I inadvertently was already “bullet journaling”. I have a 3-subject spiral notebook I would keep notes in, important information about travel plans, nursing job contacts, etc… I didn’t realize what I had been doing was a “thing”, apparently.


For February, I have come up with a few more goals!

  1. Build my emergency savings account back up to my goal. I’m currently only $1,000 away!
  2. Stick to a 10pm bedtime on nights where I work the next day.
  3. No screens 30 minutes before bed, or 30 minutes after waking up. Aaron and I don’t have a TV in the bedroom, but I still ruin my sleep schedule by rolling over in the mornings, spending time scrolling through social media, and then before I know it it’s an hour or two later and I haven’t even gotten out of bed for the day yet. I’m hoping starting my day better (namely, by actually getting OUT of bed right away), I can be more productive and not feel as lazy.
  4. Actually use my bullet journal more. I had a strong start but didn’t find a “weekly” layout I enjoyed, so I ended January with just a monthly page…… but I’ve already been using it more in February, so I think it’s gonna stick from now on!



I’m excited for February, and I’m sure it’s gonna be better than January! I leave in about two weeks on my first trip to Asia, and I’m so excited to be spending time on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

xoxo, Maddie

2 thoughts on “in review: January 2018

    • I should probably try that. It helps that I started doing the journaling, so now I just take 30 mins or longer to add in some new pages and stuff. My main issue is using screens in the morning, I feel. So hopefully meditation will help with that too!


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