Book Review: Then She Was Gone

image from amazon

Then She Was Gone – Lisa Jewell

3/5 stars

I kinda hated this book? But I did read it all in one day, so something about it must have been thrilling enough to keep me reading it.

(spoilers after the jump) 

Am I the only one who was so thrown off that the author TOLD us what happened to Ellie at the very beginning of the story?! It felt so early on that they had found Ellie, and the huge mystery was solved in my mind. I think that’s why I sped through reading the rest of it, I was looking for SOME twist that Ellie was miraculously still alive.

And when it became clear that Ellie was really dead, I kept thinking she was the one who killed Noelle. Or maybe they had killed each other somehow as Ellie was doing a last hoorah to escape. I felt so heartbroken that Ellie just slowly died of starvation and slipped away.

And that epilogue, I could have done without.

This book made me upset for many reasons, but hey, that’s better than having no emotion from a book.

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