Hey there!
Welcome to Maddie on the Map.


I’m Maddie, a twenty-something with a serious case of wanderlust.

I started this blog as a diary of sorts to help document my travels, and it’s been left by the wayside at times when I’ve gotten busy with life. Lately I find myself not focusing on anything in particular. Recently I’ve decided to try to blog more in earnest, especially with big life changes coming up for my husband and I.

I love to travel, take pictures while I travel, eat good food, and read good books. I’m a yogi, dog mom, registered nurse, and surgery wife.

Welcome to my blog!

Contact me at:
maddieonthemap (at) gmail (dot) com


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  1. Hey what school are you going to while you are traveling? I start my first travel assignment in a few weeks and would like to finish school while I am on the road. Just looking for some advice, or what you have done.


    • I am going through UT Arlington!

      I don’t have to do clinicals until my last 3 courses, so I’m traveling until then. When I start clinicals I am planning on taking a PRN/part-time job back home so I don’t have to stress about finding a travel job and having time for clinicals, working the schedules around each other, finding clinical sites that coincide with contracts, etc.

      My specialty is ICU — I’ve worked surgical/trauma, mixed, general, medical. I plan on working in a CVICU when I go staff again to expand my specialty and open up more potential travel jobs in case I travel again in the future.


      • I am looking into Walden. Do you know anything about that program? What made you decide on UT Arlington? Do you feel like its worth doing school while you travel?Do you have a private message section on your blog? I looked around but didn’t see anything.
        Love your blog by the way!


      • Thank you! I don’t have a contact space here but my Facebook and Instagram should be linked and you can message me there 🙂

        I don’t know anything about Walden, sorry. UT Arlington was one of the cheaper options as a Texas resident, it’s basically online but I like that it’s a brick and mortar school compared to Walden or Chamberlain etc.

        I’ve only completed my easy “core” classes so far, so they haven’t detracted from my traveling experience… but right now I’m in advanced pathophysiology which is taking up a lot of my time so I’m worried I may find myself cooped up inside studying instead of exploring. But I don’t mind it, I’m working through something I really want, and I don’t think I could ever go back to being a staff RN… with school, when I’m ready to settle down I can do so as an NP!


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