16 Great/Sucky Things about 2016

Because everybody loves lists.

2016 was actually overall not a bad year for me. It was a year of changes, all for the best. It was much easier to come up with the first list than the second one. I had to scramble at the end of the second one for things that truly sucked for me in 2016, but I found some! Continue reading 16 Great/Sucky Things about 2016


I need a break

Just from, like, life completely.

“Just go on a vacation!” — yeah, and then you spend a week ignoring all responsibilities, only for you to come back and all the things you were avoiding? Still here, and probably more shit has piled up.

I just want to take a mental break and sleep for like, I dunno, a day? And then when I wake up, my trash will be taken out, my laundry done, clothes folded and put away, groceries stocked, dog walked, schoolwork done, errands ran, things bought. Continue reading I need a break